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Selling ​​Aluminum Pulley

Aluminum is one type of metal that is silver and the material is light enough. Aluminum has a soft texture and is easily formed or processed in low temperatures, as well as Aluminum resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. In addition, Aluminum is non-toxic and is a good heat conductor. However, aluminum has a not-so-substantial nature that needs to be mixed with other metals.

Aluminum has been widely used in household needs, industrial needs, as well as the needs of motorcycle accessories. With aluminum casting techniques, can produce various shapes and sizes of aluminum as needed.

Aluminum cast for household needs can produce various kinds of cookware. Aluminum cast for the needs of motorcycle accessories such as brake handlebar Aluminum cast, brake stand Aluminum cast, etc. As well as aluminum cast for industrial needs such as pulley Aluminum cast, clamp Aluminum cast, impeller Aluminum cast, etc.

Aluminum Pulley is one product that can be produced from aluminum cast for industrial field. Aluminum Pulley shaped like a wheel. Aluminum Pulley is commonly used to reduce / accelerate rotation, Aluminum Pulley enlarges / minimizes torque, and Aluminum Pulley transmit power from one shaft to the other through the transmission system.

Our company can produce Aluminum Pulley with various shapes and sizes to suit your needs with the best price.

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