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Ceramic isolators consist of a variety of types of them are Strain Insulator, Pin Post Insulator, Shackle Ceramic Insulator, Spool Insulator, Ceramic insulators type Pin RM, and etx. The use of ceramic insulators have several advantages such as can be used for high voltage electrical installation, ceramic insulators including durable to humidity and temperature, ceramic is a relatively strong material, and ceramic insulators has a relatively cheap price.

In electrical installations, there are 2 types of conductors and insulators. Conductors serve to conduct electrical current. While the isolator is the opposite, which serves to hold or inhibit the electric current transfer. Usually materials used as electrical insulators such as rubber, glass, mica, plastic, composite, fiber, and others. In addition, ceramic or porcelain materials can also be used as insulators.

While the shortcomings of the use of ceramic insulators such as ceramic material that is easily broken, coupled with the material of ceramic insulators that tend to be heavy, and when producing in the form of a particular ceramic insulator has a large enough tolerance size .

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