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12 kv Polymer Insulator
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Specification of 12 kv Polymer Insulator

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Distributor of 12kv Polymer Insulator in Surabaya

Electrical insulator functions to inhibit the flow of electric current.
Electrical Insulators can be made of various materials such as paper, glass, and teflon. Plastic or rubber material can also be used as an electrical insulator at medium voltage. While the insulator material for high voltage can use ceramic and polymer materials.

CV Gata Alam Teknik sell 12kv Polymer Insulator with various shapes and sizes tailored to the required specifications in your company

Polymer material insolator has advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of 12kv polymer insulators are :

  • 12kv Polymer insulators have a light weight
  • 12kv Polymer insulator is resistant to pollution
  • 12kv Polymer insulators tend not to have holes caused by making errors

While the disadvantages of 12kv Polymer Isolator is

  • Degradation occurs in 12kv polymer insulators caused due to various factors due to prolonged outdoor use, thereby reducing the mechanical ability of 12kv polymer insulators

CV Gata Alam Teknik is a distributor of Electrical Insulators made of ceramics (porcelain / porcelain) and polymer in Surabaya

In addition to Electrical Insulators in the form of ceramics and polymers, we also accept the manufacture of rubber products for industrial, as well as various products of metal casting aluminum.


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