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6kv Polymer Insulator
6kv Polymer Insulator
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Specification of 6kv Polymer Insulator

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Sell ​​Polymer Isolator 6kv

Polymer Isolator Distributor 6kv

CV Gata Alam Teknik is located in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, accepting orders of ceramic / porcelain and polymer electrical insulators at affordable prices.

6kv Polymer Insulator is one of the custom orders from our customers. Polymer materials are often chosen because the minimum number of orders is small and requires relatively shorter production time while ceramic materials require a larger minimum order quantity and a long production time.

Besides 6kv Polymer Isolator, you can also order electrical insulators with custom shapes and sizes to suit your company's needs

6kv polymer isolator has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of using a 6kv polymer isolator in terms of material are

    The degradation of the 6kv polymer isolator was caused by various factors due to too long outdoor use, thus reducing the mechanical capability of the 6kv polymer insulator

While the advantages of 6kv polymer isolator, in terms of material include

    Polymer insulator of 6kv diameter has a light weight
    The polymer insulator 6kv is resistant to pollution
    Polymer insulators with a diameter of 6kv tend not to have holes which are caused by a manufacturing error

In addition to electrical insulators in the form of ceramics and polymers, we also accept manufacturing services for rubber-based products for industry, products of aluminum metal casting, electrical panels, brush holders, slipring, etc.

We also accept ordering products from machining services such as slitter, knife, bowl cutter, making matresses using milling, scrap, grinding, lathe, construction, welding and other machining techniques according to your needs. We accept metal or non metal materials with the best quality and price.

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