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Capacitors Panel
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Selling ​​Capacitors Panel

The Capacitors panel is used to improve the power factor of a power distribution network. Some functions of capacitor panel is to reduce PLN electricity cost by eliminating kVarh overhead, capacitor panel can save and maximize power, capacitor panel can avoid increase in current / temperature on cable, capacitor panel can avoid overload of transformer, capacitor panel can avoid voltage drop on line end.

Installation of Panel Capacitors can be done in series or parallel. Capacitors panel is directly related to the power source, ie transformer / PLN. Therefore, the Capacitor Panel can be installed stand-alone or installed with LVMDP panel.

CV Gata Alam Teknik serves ordering Panel Capacitors with various specifications and sizes to suit your needs. In addition to Panel Capacitors, We also serve the manufacture of other types of electrical panels with mild steel material and powder coating finishing paint. We strive to meet the needs of your electrical panel by providing the best price.

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