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Electrical panel

Selling ​​MDP Panel

The Electrical Panel consists of a panel box and several constituent components therein that are adapted to the electrical panel functions. Electrical panels are used to distribute electricity from a power source to a consumer. Electrical panel is also a place of arrangement of dividers and electric circuit breakers. Electrical panels can be arranged based on their usability and function. There are several types of electrical panels such as MDP Panel

The MDP panel stands for Main Distribution Panel. The MDP panel receives electricity from the PLN or generator, then passes it on to the entire load. Genset function here as a backup, so that the MDP panel can still work despite the power outages of PLN. Based on its function, the MDP panel is placed in the main building area after the LVMDP panel.

CV Gata Alam Teknik serve order MDP Panel with various specification and size according to your requirement. In addition to MDP Panel, We also serve the manufacture of other types of electrical panels with mild steel material and powder coating finishing paint. We strive to meet the needs of your electrical panel by providing the best price.

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