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Slip ring

Electric Dinamo and its Components
Slipring Distributor in Surabaya
Slipring is as a contact with brushes, used to pass current or alternating current voltages
Slipring serves to forward the electric current in the form of friction that spins from the carbon brush to the ring, and vice versa.
Slipring is commonly used in industry of steel, plastics, paper, cement, and so on.
Slipring is placed on industrial motors that work spin, such as motors for roll steel, plastic roll, steel and so on.
CV Gata Alam Teknik is a slipring distributor in Surabaya
CV Gata Alam Teknik sells slipring with various diameter sizes and various number of rings tailored to the needs of your company.

Besides slipring, we also sell terminal block, brush holders, carbon mechanics, commutators and other AC / DC components. In addition, we also accept orders for ceramic and polymer material electrical insulators, slitter, female / male knive, bowl cutter, and machining services such as lathe, milling, grinding, etc.


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