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Slitter cutter 2 segment with size 160x85x5mm
Slitter cutter 2 segment with size 160x85x5mm
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06 Dec 2019
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Paper Making MachineSlitter Cutter Distributor in Surabaya and SidoarjoSelling Custom Slitter Cutter Surabaya and SidoarjoWe accept orders for Slitter Cutter or paper cutter blades commonly used in paper making machines in the paper industryWe accept orders Slitter Cutter with custom specifications, with shapes and sizes according to customer demand at a price that is cheap or relatively affordableOne of the products we have made is Slitter Cutter 2 segments measuring 160x85x5mmBesides Slitter, we also accept the manufacture of slipring, bowl cutters, brush holders, electrical panels, and electrical or ceramic insulators

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