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Terminal Block/Isolator Board Custom
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Sell Terminal Block/Isolator Board Custom

Specification of Terminal Block/Isolator Board Custom

Sell ​​Custom Terminal Block / Isolator Board

Distributor of Terminal Block / Insulator Board located in Surabaya and Sidoarjo

CV Gata Alam Teknik accepts orders for Terminal Block / Insulator Board with custom shapes and sizes according to your company's needs. Our specialties meet your needs in the electrical and mechanical fields with custom specifications.

In addition to the Terminal Block / Insulator Board, we also sell electrical insulators with ceramic and polymer materials.

In addition to the Terminal Block / Insulator Board we also sell brush holders, carbon mechanics, commutators and other AC / DC components.

CV Gata Alam Engineering accepts orders for custom rubber industry, services for making cast aluminum products, as well as other electrical needs.

CV Gata Alam Techniques to sell products from machining of lathe, milling, and grinding such as slitter, bowl cutter, knife, making mattresses and others

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